Acme United Over-the-Counter Drugs Safety Recall

Acme United Corporation, in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is conducting a voluntary recall of PhysiciansCare medication containing aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. The product is being recalled because the packaging is not child resistant when being used in the household as required by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act (PPPA). Therefore, for household use the medication poses a poisoning risk for small children.

To read the complete CPSC Press Release, click here. The link is also available in the banner at the top of the page thoughout the website.

The complete list of PhysiciansCare brand over-the-counter drugs included in this recall is available here.

There are no known issues with the quality of the pills. Product purchased for office or industrial use is not being recalled.

To get started, please tell us if you purchased the product for household use or for office/industrial use.

You are not affected by this recall. No further action is required. If you have additional questions, please call 1-888-520-2199.

Registering for a Refund

Product purchased for household use is affected by this recall.

You should immediately store the recalled product in a safe location out of the reach of children and register here to obtain a full refund.

Please note that refunds are only available for product purchased for household use between 2014 and 2021.

In order to register you will need the following:

  • Your recalled product
  • Your purchase receipt
    • Receipt can be found by logging into the site where the product was purchased or possibly in an email confirmation of the purchase
  • A device to capture and upload images
  • Decision of how you will dispose of the affected product
    • Ship back to us using a pre-paid shipping label
    • Yourself using one of the Safe Disposal Methods mentioned here

Note - If you purchased more than one product covered by the Recall, we ask that you complete an additional registration for each product purchased.

Contact Information:

Should the refund be issued to the person listed above?


Please let us know the address where the refund should be sent:

Affected Product:

Please select the affected product that you purchased from the drop down below.

Please note the Antacid in the Medication Station and/or Multi-Pack is not subject to this recall.

Image of Receipt:

To process a full refund, we need information from and an electronic copy of your purchase receipt establishing the amount you paid.

Your receipt can be found by logging into the site where the product was purchased or possibly included in an email confirmation of the purchase.

Please see the example below.

Please upload an image of your receipt.

Be sure your image clearly shows the name of the product purchased as well as the purchase price.

Disposal Method:

You will need to either:

  • Return the product to us using a pre-paid shipping label that will be provided at the completion of this registration


  • Properly dispose of it using one of the methods recommended by the FDA. To review the Safe Disposal Methods recommended by the FDA, please click here
    • Please note that throwing unopened packets of the medicine into the trash is not considered Safe Disposal and does not satisfy the requirements to participate in this program and qualify for a refund
    • If after reading the Safe Disposal guide you are unable to safely dispose of the affected product, please select the option to return it to us and we will take care of it for you

I will:

Image of Product with Lot Code:

Please write your initials on the box on the side with the lot code. The lot code can be found on the back of the tablet wrapping or on the box. Then, capture an image that allows us to see the name of the product, the lot code as well as your initials. If you no longer have the box, please capture an image of packets of the affected product showing product name, lot code, and your initials.

See examples below.

Be sure the image clearly shows your initials, the name and the lot code of your affected product.

Be sure the image clearly shows your initials, the name and the lot code of your affected product.

Image of Destruction/Disposal:

Please upload an image showing the product either prepared for disposal in your trash or an image of the take back site where you dropped the medicine off.

Examples of Safe Disposal

Pills are removed from the packets and mixed with an unappealing substance before throwing in the trash. Pills should be not possible for anyone to want to use.
Authorized take back site

Please note throwing unopened packets, or the entire box of the medicine into the trash is not considered Safe Disposal. Your uploaded image must support a Safe Disposal method.

Unacceptable Disposal

Pills are still within the packet and could be used


Once you Submit, you will receive an email confirming that your registration has been received. The email will include details about your registration and next steps.

You will also receive a separate email with the pre-paid shipping label. Please send back the affected product using the prepaid shipping label. When we receive your product, your registration will be reviewed.

We will review the information provided and contact you if we have questions or if we require additional information.

Once we confirm your registration, you can expect a full refund will be mailed within 7-10 business days.