Little Experimenter 3-in-1 World Globe with Illuminated Star Map and Built-in Projector Recalled Due To Overheating

Recall Customer Service Hotline: 1-877-206-1171

Important Safety Recall

Bulk Unlimited, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is recalling and replacing its Little Experimenter 3-in-1 World Globe with Illuminated Star Map and Built-in Projector. Bulk Unlimited is recalling the globe because when the globe is spun, the internal wires can break, which can result in the batteries overheating and potentially catching fire. If you believe that your globe is included in this recall, continue reading below to learn about how to participate in the corrective action plan.

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How Do I Know If My Globe Is Part Of This Recall?

If you own the product pictured below, your globe is included in this recall. To confirm, look for the Little Experimenter Logo on the base of the globe. Also, If you still have the packaging you can find the Item #: LE-2600 and UPC: 818907026005. The affected Date Code of 102018-107 is printed on a sticker on the battery compartment cover and on the product packaging right below the UPC or barcode.

The globes show the countries in different colors, the oceans in blue and black text for each country, capitals, deserts and ocean names. They have an orange base with two white buttons that light up the globe and display a projection of stars and constellations in color-changing motion.

IMPORTANT: Please note, if you do not have a Little Experimenter branded globe as described above, your unit is not included in this recall. You may close your browser, as no further action is required.

If you have a Little Experimenter branded globe, continue below to register to receive a free Replacement Globe

Recall notices are being sent to all known purchasers of the affected globes. Once you receive your notice, find your Order Number and enter it in the box below. The Order Number is located at the bottom of the recall notice. If you received a Notification from Amazon that includes an order number, you can enter that order number as well. If you do not receive a notice, or you need any assistance, please call the number at the bottom of this page.