At iROCKER we are committed to providing customers with high quality paddle boards and a safe experience on the water. We have recently determined that the seams on certain BLACKFIN paddle boards (Model X, XL and V) that were manufactured in 2021 experienced problems with manufacturing which may cause separation of seams on the boards. This can result in deflation of the paddle board and impact user safety on the water. Out of an abundance of caution, we are recalling all boards we believe to be impacted.

Impacted serial numbers are in the following ranges:

  • All Numbers Ending in "BF#####C121" (ex. IR-TSEBF12345C121)
  • Between IR139020 and IR141685
  • Between IR157500 and IR160165
  • Between IR160500 and IR163165

The serial number of your board can be located next to the center fin box.

Enter the serial number of your board below to determine if it is eligible for this offer:

If you have more than one BLACKFIN paddle board, we ask that you submit a separate claim for each paddle board with a serial number in the list above

The board with the serial number you entered is eligible for replacement.

Stop using your BLACKFIN paddle board immediately – we do not want you or any other users of the product to have a negative experience.

Do not dispose of your board. We will provide further instructions once you submit and we can review your claim.

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We would like your feedback for color preference of the replacement boards. These color options are not final. Once final colors are determined, you will be able to prioritize your replacement preference prior to shipment.

Your replacement BLACKFIN will offer the same capabilities and characteristics as your original board with the improved quality and safety you would expect from iROCKER. Additionally, all of your accessories will still be compatible with your replacement board.

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Please do not use, or dispose of, your BLACKFIN paddle board until you hear back from us. Please do not dispose of fins, paddles, bags, or other accessories purchased with the board.