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Eltek Theia He-t String Inverter Recalled Due To Impact and Fire Hazard

Recall Customer Service Hotline: 1-888-770-7142

Important Inverter Safety Recall

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Delta Electronics (USA) Inc. is undertaking a voluntary recall that affects the Eltek Theia He-t String solar inverters. The capacitors on the inverter may fail and result in a heat buildup, posing a risk of fire and an impact hazard if the inverter cover is forcibly ejected from the inverter. If you believe that your inverter is included in this recall, continue reading below to learn about how to participate in the corrective action plan.

To view the US CPSC Press Release or our FAQs please click on the menu button at the top of this page.

How Do I Know If My Inverter Is Part Of This Recall?

If you own the product pictured below, your inverter is included in this recall. The first step to quickly determine if your inverter is potentially included in this recall, is to look at the front display panel of your inverter.

If the brand name printed on the front of your display panel reads “Eltek,” and the model designation is “THEIA” and “HE-t, you should immediately stop using these inverters by (1) first turning the disconnect switch on the front cover to the vertical off position, and then (2) switching off the circuit breaker for the unit. Please continue reading below to provide more information about your recalled unit.

IMPORTANT: Please note if the brand name printed on the front display of your inverter switch does NOT read Eltek, your unit is not included in this recall and you do not need to register.

Gather Information About Your Unit(s)

Recalled inverters have a brand name printed on the front of the display panel that reads "Eltek", and the model designation is "THEIA" and "HE-t".

You will need your inverter's part number and serial number to complete this registration. The part number and serial number are on the large white label located on the right side of your unit.

Recall Status Action
Affected Delta will arrange for the professional removal and installation of a replacement inverter at no cost to you for each unit marked as Affected
Invalid We do not recognize the combination of Part Number and Serial number you entered. Please double check that the information is correct. If you have questions, call the number at the bottom of this page for assistance. The unit as entered is not affected by this recall and will not be replaced.
Already Registered This unit has already been registered for the recall. Please double check your entry. If you have questions, please call the number at the bottom of this page for assistance.

Enter Unit Information

Please select your Part Number and then enter the Serial Number for the unit using the tool below. You will have the opportunity to enter as many units as you need. If you have a unit with a Part Number that is not listed in the drop down box, then please recheck to make sure that your unit is an Eltek Theia He-t inverter.

Part Number is required to Add Unit

Serial number must be a twelve digit numeric value

This is a duplicate Serial Number

Part Number Serial Number Recall Status

Use the Delete button to remove any units you do not want to register. Please note you do not have to remove any rows regardless of Recall Status. See the table above for a guide as to what each status means.

Review Your Unit Information

Please ensure all your units at one address are listed above. If you have units at other locations, you will need to create a separate registration per address.

Disable Your Affected Unit(s)

  • Locate the disconnect switch on the front cover of your inverter, and turn it to the vertical/off position.

  • Then please locate your circuit breaker and turn off the switch for the inverter.

Part Number Serial Number Recall Status

Required field

I understand that until I receive my new inverter I should stop using my recalled inverter by turning off the inverter switch and circuit breaker.

Provide Your Installer Information

Required field

Required field

Provide The Location Of Your Unit(s)

Please provide the address where the inverter(s) are located.

Use this field if the purchase was made on behalf of a company.

Cannot ship to PO Box. A physical street address is required for this delivery.


We will take your information now and arrange for a professional installer to make an appointment with you to remove the recalled inverter from your residence and replace it with a new inverter free of charge. These will be newly manufactured replacement units, and there may be a wait of several weeks before the installer will be able to replace your existing unit.