Hayward Industries Pool Heater Vent Kit Recalled Due To Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard

Recall Customer Service Hotline: 1-888-847-8717

Important Safety Recall

Hayward Industries, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is recalling and providing replacements for some pool heater vent kits. The recalled vent kit installed on gas pool heaters are not the proper size and can allow carbon monoxide to leak, posing a CO poisoning hazard to consumers. If you believe that your vent kit is included in this recall, continue reading below to learn about how to register for a free replacement and installation of a new vent kit.

The vent kit included in this recall is Hayward UHXNEGVT15001 Negative Pressure 6-inch Vent Kit for pool heaters. The vent kit is used exclusively on Hayward H500FD gas heaters. Only Hayward H500FD Gas Heaters that are installed indoors and use 6-inch negative pressure galvanized vent piping are affected by this recall.

The name "Hayward" is stamped onto the furnace's outer casing above the water pipes. The model number H500FD and the serial number are located to the left of the water pipes.

IMPORTANT: Please note, if you do not have the 6-inch vent kit listed above installed in the Hayward H500FD Gas Heater, then your vent kit is not included in this recall. You may close your browser, as no further action is required.

To view the US CPSC Press Release or our FAQs please click on the menu button at the top of this page.

How Do I Know If My Vent Kit Is Part Of This Recall?

Beginning June 12, 2019, Hayward Industries is contacting all known pool owners who had a Hayward H500FD installed using 6-inch negative pressure galvanized vent piping. If you believe you have an affected unit and have not yet been contacted, or you have any other questions about the recall, please call us at 1-888-847-8717. Hours of operation are listed at the bottom of this page.

If you have an affected unit and need to register, please check back shortly as the Registration process will be available soon.